Brian Abell is an attorney – born and raised in Louisville, Kentucky – who handles employment law cases, business related legal matters, and criminal defense cases.


Employment Law

Wrongful termination

Do you believe you have been fired illegally? Brian Abell is a strong wrongful termination attorney in Louisville, KY.


Do you have suspicions that you have been discriminated at work? Brian is a tireless employment law attorney in Louisville, KY.

Hostile work environment

If you are tolerating a difficult work place, you may need the services of a skilled employment law attorney in Louisville, KY.

Severance negotiations

Are you being pressured to resign or have you been fired from your job? A smart employment law attorney like Brian Abell can maximize your severance package. Call him today.

Business Related Legal Matters

Contract disputes

If you are encountering any type of contract dispute in your business, Brian is a premier small business attorney in Louisville, KY. Any legal issue arising in your business can benefit from the assistance of this skilled business Lawyer in Louisville.

Criminal Defense


If you have been charged with a felony, you need the immediate assistance of a Louisville Criminal Defense Lawyer. Brian will give you his utmost attention and will represent you aggressively and attentively.


Even a misdemeanor conviction can hurt your employment record. Louisville Criminal Lawyer, Brian Abell will represent you aggressively to ensure your legal rights and fight conviction.

Brian grew up in the Buechel area and graduated from Saint Xavier High School in 2004. Brian then studied political science and English at Western Kentucky University, graduating with a B.A. in 2008. He next worked for a hospital for two years before beginning law school in 2010. He graduated from the University of Louisville Brandeis School of Law in 2013.

He immediately jumped into private practice handling state and federal employment law, discrimination, and civil rights violations in both Kentucky and Indiana Federal Court. He has successfully appealed cases to the Kentucky Court of Appeals and the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals. He also has experience dealing with Unions and private employers both large and small. He works hard to find solutions for people who have been fired or laid off without just cause.

He is ‘willing and Abell’ to handle the toughest legal battles with a goal to provide clients with a financial gain in civil cases and strategic defense in criminal matters. He understands the stress and emotional distress that being involved in the legal process puts on a person and their family and works hard to keep clients informed about their case and explain things in a way that they can understand. Remember, there’s always something a lawyer can do to help someone and he is trained, licensed, and board certified on what to do when life gets off track.

Since 2017, He has expanded his practice to include general legal matters including major felonies and other criminal matters. he remains ‘willing and Abell’ to consult with you about your legal needs and strategic planning.